Just to let you know….

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During this Coronic time my printers and couriers are still fully active, as am I, so I am still very much taking orders for prints and posters as well as taking artwork commissions.


There has never been a better time to stick some new stuff up in your isolation booth at the same time as supporting your supplemental businesses, creative enterprises and needless whims for pointless luxury!

Shop here for prints and posters

Shop here for t-shirts, mugs, cushions and caps

– let me know if there is anything of mine you want to see on a garment and I’ll make it happen!

Beyond the Frame at Orleans Gallery

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I’m honoured to once again be commissioned by Orleans House Gallery  to create some new reinterpretations from their amazing archive for their exhibition, Beyond the Frame. I chose a hilarious piece from 1844 celebrating the meeting of King Louis Philippe, Duc d’Orleans and his entourage with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – I couldn’t help feeling there was something deeper going on in the expressions of the subjects than just a jolly diplomatic encounter – to me their faces seem to betray other emotions and the urge to give them all thought bubbles got me thinking… so I made seven other themes of equally absurd, cynical or fantastical diplomatic encounters… some play on the staged aspect, some on the futility, some on hidden and blatant agendas, and a couple of topical comments on dubious diplomatic relations today.

The exhibition is currently closed of course but in the meantime you can read a conversation I had with the gallery about my pieces and my working methods for them here.

These are all 50x40cm giclée art prints. Come and see the other fantastic interpretations by 18 more artists. BEYOND THE FRAME is now open and runs till till 31st May 2020

Orleans House Gallery

Riverside, Twickenham TW1 3DJ

Patience for Pelirocco….

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My exhibition at the infamously delicious Hotel Pelirocco has been postponed but I am delighted to report it is now re-booked for October this year, announcing the date imminently

Hotel Pelirocco of course is Brighton’s most celebrated, most flamboyant and rock n’ roll hotel, regularly playing host to a wide selection of notorious artists, writers and rock stars, all there to exhibit, perform or just downright party, from local legend Fatboy Slim to New York Dolls’ Sylvain Sylvain, Don Letts, Tim Burgess, Scissor Sisters and Primal Scream to name just a very few of the legally nameable.

I’ve got a load of new specially-created Brighton-centric work ready and waiting – I can’t wait!

Get yourself to the Facebook event page for the latest info as it happens…


Hotel Pelirocco

10 Regency Square, Brighton BN1 2FG
Tel: 01273 327 055