Bona Fido



Still a very naughty puppy, Bona Fido was born in 2017 and is already causing quite a stir on dancefloors, radio waves and the music press, hitting Best Track status and rave reviews in Mixmag and DJ Mag, winning a surge of adoring fans who, like me, just want to get back to the soulful groove…


Initially a route for releasing my Jem Stone archive material, much like when we set up Finger Lickin’ as a vehicle for Soul of Man and our other aliases, Bona Fido has quickly and gratifyingly become a hub for other like-minded creative souls, with Fuselage and Midnight Heist joining Bush Doctors and the gang for a good old mishmash of explicitly unspecified grooves!


Read this great iDJ piece on the label’s ethos, the talented journalist Dave Jenkins explains it much better than I could!


Find all the Bona Fido artists on whatever platform you choose with one click here.


Bona Fido is not trying to please you. Bona Fido is lying on its back, legs in the air with tongue hanging out. Rub the tummy. Just rub it.