Jem Stone is the name I’ve always used for most of my solo stuff, with many a funk-disco-dubby-jazz-a-doodle release or remix to be found on Finger Lickin’, Freshly Squeezed, TommyBoy, Jalapeno, Ghettofunk - I even have my own Bandcamp page for the dubious, clammy bits the labels refuse to touch.



Check my Soundcloud page for loads of FREE funk-fuelled tracks and follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the next load. Find a YouTube playlist with some of my most titillating videos here.


Here’s a good Jem Stone sample menu:



Two massive electro-swing smashes on Freshly Squeezed, the first one includes the epic Teleparp (watch the movie!) and Gasworks Gang (watch that too – it’s rude!) while the latter carries White Mink fave BeBop 2 HipHop and Trapeze anthem Grand Fandango.



A collection of instrumental grooves designed to take you on a deep, occasionally-gentle, scruffy, stompy, bumpy, flappy and downright scrunchy musical journey into the depths of my rubbery soul



Me and K&S go back a long way (Boogie Angst is still one of my desert island discs) so it was a real pleasure to get my remixing fingers all over this one.



This was a Finger Lickin’ dambuster from a time when I was a bit younger and a lot louder. It’s a bit big.



I made a chunky-funk-swing track with the legendary Kid Creole & the Coconuts! And it came out on the equally legendary TommyBoy! I’m in heaven. Pinch me.



I discovered Foxy Cheex doing unspeakable things with a microphone in a seedy bar in downtown Toontown. With a filthier habit than Jessica Rabbit, and WAY bigger Boops than Betty, it was sweet, sweet music from the off. First I wrote and produced her first single, next I made her a full-blown (her words not mine) video. And then she ran off with my silverware. Should’ve seen that coming.



Featuring vocals by those cheeky chaps from The The Anomalies, this is my Ghettofunk debut and, thanks to a killa Featurecast remix, it’s wanted worldwide by Interpol for major ill-behaviour.



Or – if you will - three slinky tracks in one generously lubricated contraption. Deeper, darker and somewhat slipperier – an acquired taste.


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