…and other stuff. Once in a while I take my artwork on the road and am forced to bring out that poor pun about being “well hung” yet again (sorry)


I’ve had two major exhibitions in the last couple of years, one in London and one in San Francisco. Both were absolutely amazing and if you weren’t there, well you missed something let me tell you.


Click image to see San Francisco show poster


We had a free bar at the first one with dangerous cocktails designed by my dangerous wife and at the second we had a scantily-clad hottie trapeze artist spinning above our guests’ heads on a hoop. And of course some sensational art - which did very nicely indeed thanks solely to those chequebook-lubricating additions.


Click pic to see some exhibition photos


I’ll be taking the show on the road again in the very near future, hopefully to a town near you and with similar cheap tricks to make you part from your money. If you want good warning then I suggest you immediately follow me here.


In the meantime if you’re interested you can buy a selection of my screenprints, Giclée art prints or stretch canvasses – take a look at the store page for some suggestions. And I enjoy a good haggle or barter, don’t be scared.