Grateful Dead founder commissions me to make the logos and signage for his new San Fran band venue and eatery!


It was a great honour to have just designed the signage for a new music venue, high-end restaurant and bar for no less than Grateful Dead founding member Phil Lesh, and his wife Jill… Terrapin Crossroads is in the Bay area of San Francisco and as well as providing a fine selection of seafood it plays host to regular jam nights with some major musical celebrities…


Slightly disappointingly I wasn’t asked to make my own interpretation of some of the more psychedelic aspects of Dead sleeve art (which you might have noticed are a major influence on me!)- I did try but they weren’t having any of it!


Instead the brief was to adapt the famous Kelly/Mouse sleeve for Terrapin Station, with Mr & Mrs Lesh having seen my more classical Freshly Squeezed logos and wanting it more in that style. Understandably they're a bit fed up with skeletons too - I tried that as well!

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