Who’s asking? Some might know him as one half of DJ/producer acts Soul of Man or Bush Doctors. Others may have strutted to his Jem Stone alias. Maybe you recognise his distinctive artwork for the pioneering label he co-founded in the mid-nineties, Finger Lickin’ Records? Perhaps you know him as captain of the goodship Bona Fido? Chances are you’ve never heard of him at all…

Which makes this website, finally after a good twenty years of this truly schizophrenic activity (a mere fraction of which is mentioned above), a mighty good idea. So here, for the first time and all under one roof, is a pretty good taster of the many curious hats of Mr. P.


…at a selection of Jem’s now highly-collectable sleeve designs and flyers for Finger Lickin’ Records! This is the label he set up with Soul of Man compadre Justin Rushmore towards the end of the last century, and which went on to become not only one of the most prolific but also one of the most influential proponents of dance music, specifically the breaks scene, for a good ten years.

Starting as a tiny living room enterprise with just a pair of scissors and some sticky-back plastic, the multi-award-winning imprint gained an international reputation whilst raising the mighty Plump DJs, Drumattic Twins, A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts to name a few.

As Soul of Man Justin and Jem have played the world’s major clubs and festivals as well as fronting Finger Lickin’ events from Sydney to San Francisco. And there’s even some sticky-back plastic still left over.

As well as links to the clubbier side, other examples of musical projects to be found here include soundtracks for film and TV, as well as Cacophony, the crazy contemporary circus-meets-dance show with daredevil aerialists and live drummers that toured the UK’s theatres for three months in 2009.


…at Jem’s numerous iconic logos and illustrations for record labels, bands, podcasts and publications: his unique style has not only found its way onto t-shirts and club projections but is also embraced by graffiti artists and tattooists alike (just take a look at some of the insane fellows who sent in their Jem tattoo photos within the logo pages).


...at the videos and virals, including the epic Teleparp made with his digital artist wife Mischa Ying, and tucked away in the shocking X-rated section (hidden somewhere in a dark corner of this site) the notorious video for Slyde's cover of the Ian Dury classic Sex & Drugs, starring Reg Felch on his pathetic mission for self-gratification.


And maybe at the end of it all, you might like to take a little piece of Jem with you as a sweet reminder of your journey… So do pop on over to the Jemporium and try something on – there are downloads, prints, under-the-counter goods and sherry for the ladies.

There's even a handsome collection of freebies, from MP3s to desktop wallpapers, so no one has to leave empty-handed! You can stick a couple of coins in the jar if you like.

Thank you for your kind attention. Please do pop along to one of Jem's social network pages if you fancy and tell us what you think.