Who indeed…. If you came to this site on purpose it’s mostly likely you know me as co-founder and the graphic artist behind Finger Lickin’ Records. Maybe you have a record of mine or saw me DJing under the name Soul of Man, Jem Stone or Bush Doctors?

Perhaps you stumbled across my print subversions walking past my West London studio, or an exhibition in a city elsewhere, destroying exquisite historical scenes in the name of… something. Or you just found my business card in your back pocket and can’t remember where the hell you got it from.

Well I will fill you in: yes – you were in a sorry state, I got you into a taxi but just before that I gave you my card because you seemed so determined to expand your cultural horizons. And then you smiled contentedly through closed eyes as the Nissan Primera whisked you safely home like a pub-smelling flying carpet. Now you find yourself looking at this page for clues…

So let me guide you: on this site you will find a good deal of the artwork I created for the aforementioned record label – for over a decade around the turn of the century we sold a gazillion records, we literally DJ’d around the globe, and in the days when people bought divine vinyl with an exquisite sleeve, we did pretty damn well (see more about it here).



Since then I have been mighty busy continuing my merry mishmash of music and art, all at the same time when I possibly can.  On the visual side I have been creating record sleeves, gig posters and branding for a wide range of clients including The Orb, Grand Master Flash and Howard Marks and for festivals and events as far as Australia and US.  I sell several of these sleeves and posters as limited edition prints, posters and merch on my Gallery website.  I have also been enjoying creating packaging for Powderkeg’s beer cans, and bespoke cheese pots for Feltham’s Farm, all of these and more can be seen in the Branding page.

I’m also doing a good line in vandalising classical prints and carboot oil paintings and would be happy to destroy your family heirloom for you.  You can find everything in my online gallery – and if there is a sleeve or image of mine you can’t find over there but would like made into a sumptuous poster or giclĂ©e art print just ask!


Whilst still writing and releasing singles on my label Bona Fido, I have been commissioned to compose soundtracks and soundscapes for TV, virals and immersive experiences for clients such as BBC, Channel 4 and Don Papa Rum, with shows that mix projection mapping, live dance and music which have been touring the world, from catwalks at Royal Albert Hall to installations at the Outernet/Now building in London to surreal concept events in Barcalona.  You can hear much of my musical output on the Music page.

For my social media links please click the icons at the bottom of the page.

So sit back, pour yourself a special Jem/Powderkeg brew and enjoy the show!