I’ve been making mainly club music but also a smattering of TV, advert and film scores for 20 years or more under various guises including Jem Stone, Soul of Man and Bush Doctors (see further down for specific links) on labels like our very own Finger Lickin’ Records, TommyBoy, Freshly Squeezed and Bombstrikes.

I’ve just pulled a load of these together for the first time as a Spotify playlist – it’s called:

Click to here for some old skool, new skool, rock, mellow and splat.

Here is a clip of Mischa Ying’s mind-bending film Caulabrynth for which I wrote the score and designed the foley and soundscapes, and where a streamlined system of absurd human behaviour is threatened by a malfunctioning machine.  And cauliflowers.

I am very excited to release my epic musical book The Legend of Kaptain Karnival to the world on 5th July 2024, you can see some animations in the build up to this on my videos page.

Now here are some links to my various aliases:

Jem Stone

Jem Stone is my solo music alias. Under this name I’ve released and remixed tracks on Finger Lickin’, Freshly Squeezed, Ghettofunk, Bombstrikes, TommyBoy and Jalapeno amongst others.

For a taster of original tunes plus remixes for the likes of Kraak & Smaak, Smoove & Turrell, Ursula 1000, Drumattic Twins and more here is a Spotify playlist.

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Soul of Man

Soul of Man is me and Justin Rushmore – under this name we kicked off our label Finger Lickin’ Records in the late ’90s. For over a decade we wrote, produced and remixed a whole heap of house-fuelled breaks as well as DJ’d the world over.  Listen to a classic selection here.  Find some Finger Lickin’ merch here.

Bush Doctors

Bush Doctors is me and Rennie Pilgrem of TCR fame. Despite regular fisticuffs about what constitutes as breakbeat (Oi that’s gnarly – THUD! Urrgh too fonky fonky – THWACK!) we meet in the middle for a kebab and some deep, spicy voodoo grooves.

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Midnight Heist

Born out of the legendary Pork Chop Sessions in Detroit at the peak of the ‘80s Pink Sugar Rush craze, the Downtown Detroit Midnight Heist Association (as they were then known) was a teaming cooperative of likeminded musicians, disc jockeys, dancers and adult performers with a shared sense of creative freedom and sexual liberation.  Their week-long parties, thrown in almost complete darkness at the long-defunct Silver Kly-Maxx Factory, are the stuff of legend.

Over three decades on and The Heist is down to the two last surviving members, a pair of veritable DJ-producers still joyfully entwined in the murky world of nocturnal entertainment with no sign of slowing in tempo. Despite their current whereabouts a mystery, the duo occasionally feed out nuggets of gold to London-based label Bona Fido in a bid to share their unique spiritual legacy to the world.  (Maybe.)

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Bona Fido

Bona Fido is a route to all manner of soulful grooves.  Just like Finger Lickin’ it kicked off as way of releasing my own stuff but has quickly picked up a load of other amazing artists and sweet nuggets, from golden-age breaks to garage rock to upfront deep galactic disco heaven to sublime chill.

Check this tasty Bona Fido Spotify playlist here


Stream all the Bona Fido artists and find their social media pages with one hit here

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If you’re still curious you can hunt down other aliases of mine – Rhythm by Nature, Freaky Jalapeno, Prophets of Sound amongst others (bit of an identity crisis going on?!).   I’ve also been commissioned original music for film, TV beds for sports and lifestyle programmes, opening titles and commercials plus composed for contemporary dance, fashion catwalks and other shows. Hit me up for a showreel…

Here’s some silly opening titles music from a while back: